NY Style Cheesecake Mix + Free Whisk

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Les Desserts NY Cheesecake Mix (Serves 6) Family, New York Style Cheesecake | Fresh, Rich Flavor | Just Add Water | Kosher

  • Quick and Simple Cheesecake Mix – This fresh, delicious cheesecake mix lets you simply add water to whip up a high-quality pie that your friends and family will love. 
  • New York Style Pie Filling – Offering the rich, traditional flavor of NYC’s famous cheesecake, this is the best cheesecake mix for anyone looking for authentic taste.
  • Kosher and Non-GMO – We’ve been making our New York cheesecake mix for nearly three decades, which is why it’s rBST and gluten-free, so everyone can enjoy it.
  • Guaranteed Fresh – Every batch of Les Desserts cheesecake mix is made fresh and sealed away for improved shelf longevity. They’re also backed by a quality guarantee. 

This easy-to-make cheesecake mix doesn’t need eggs, milk, or cream cheese; in fact, all you need is fresh, crisp, clean water and a good whisk! Simply mix together our pre-made powder with water and before you know it you’ll have a premium New York-style cheesecake that never tastes store bought

GMO Free - rBST Free - Gluten Free - Kosher

GET YOUR FREE WHISK (limited time only)
1. Two essential whisks in one stylish design; 29.5cm/11.5-inch total length
2. Silicone-coated steel wires are suitable for non-stick cookware
3. It's perfect for scraping and combining ingredients together; with a simple turn of the handle, the tool becomes a highly effective balloon whisk
4. Easily dismantles for cleaning and, after use, can be closed flat for convenient storage in a drawer
5. Dishwasher safe
6. Not easy to damage, No crack, Resistance to extreme temperature,-40°C——230°C, (-40°F——446°F)